The Southeast Restoration Group References

This is what some of our customers are saying about us!

Blue Surf, Daytona Beach Shores, Duncan Doweling, President; "It is refreshing to work with a contractor who really has the best interest of the Owners in mind, has the skill and is not afraid to use modern methods of technology to arrest the corrosion thereby circumventing the costs associated with the endless cycle of repairs involved with conventional concrete repairs."

Shore Villas, New Smyrna Beach, Fred Rohrdanz, President; "I can truthfully say that we have never had a contractor work on our building that has shown us the quality of work ethics that Southeast Restoration has exhibited during this project. They have kept the property immaculate during this extensive restoration of our buildings."

Seacoast Gardens, New Smyrna Beach, Dr. Dan Coleman, President; "Based on our experience with The Southeast Restoration Group, I would recommend this company for major and minor restoration and waterproofing projects. I would invite anyone who is interested to visit our complex to see the quality of work."

Errol by the Sea Condo, New Smyrna Beach, Caroline Myers, Manager; "Your crew is so polite and their skill level is far superior to the previous restoration contractor we had work here."

Pelican Inlet, St. Augustine, Lance Pigeon, Manager; "Larry, the board at Pelican Inlet would not hesitate to hire Southeast for any future work."

Corinthian Villas, Ormond Beach, Don May, Secretary/Treasurer; "We are totally satisfied with the quality of work and the cooperative interaction with the Southeast personnel. We do not hesitate to recommend the services of Southeast Restoration."

Oceans Two Condominium, Daytona Beach Shores, Mr. Gary Squire, President; "I believe we received value for every dollar of the expenditure of almost one million dollars and I am convinced that our choice of Southeast Restoration Group was the wisest one we could have made."

Ponce de Leon Towers Condominium, New Smyrna Beach, Mr. Fred E. Burzawa, Manager; " Southeast Restoration Group SIMPLY DID WHAT THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO, a rarity in business today. I and Ponce de Leon Towers Condominium were not only extremely pleased with the work done, but also a sizable bonus was awarded to Southeast Restoration Group for the successful and early completion of their contract."

Riverside Condominium, Daytona Beach, Ms. Belinda Nunamaker, Manager; "They finished ahead of schedule and on budget. The work was performed in a manner which has elicited both praise and appreciation from all and they far surpassed all expectations."

Winter Park Gardens Condominium, Winter Park, Mr. Jim Brancamp, Manager; "It was a pleasure working with you and your qualified staff on our structural repairs, balustrade repairs and complete paint job project. I feel your group handled the project with a manner of professionalism and was neat and clean."

Holiday Cove North Condominium, New Smyrna Beach, Ms. Janie Hale, Manager; "In the recent restoration work that was completed at Holiday Cove North the men worked in a professional and friendly manner. The work performed was done in a timely manner and with skill that was very satisfactory to us as managers and the Board of Directors of Holiday Cove North."

The Landmarks Group, Orlando, Mr. Bradley Keesee, Operations Supervisor; "I would like to commend you on the timely and professional manner in which the job was completed. I will highly recommend your company in the future."

Pinnacle Realty Management Company, Sanlando Center, Longwood, Mr. Bill Benedict; "Thank you for the excellent job which you recently completed at Sanlando Center, Phase One. The results are outstanding."

J. Rolff Davis, Longwood, Ms. Donna Hilyard; "They take pride in their business, and they come from the "old School" whereas their word is as good as gold, and there is no questioning any information given to you. They value service, either the service they provide or the service given."

Kensington Park Condominium, Altamonte Springs, Mr.Gary Matberry, President; "I just wanted to say what a fine job your company did regarding our painting and restoration project."

Coconut Palms Beach Resort, New Smyrna Beach, Mr. Colin M. Kennovin, Regional Director; "Your staff did an outstanding job of keeping the jobsite clean and storing their equipment at the end of the workday. They certainly are a credit to your company"

Ocean Club North, New Smyrna Beach, Diane Fitzgerald, Manager CAM; "We would like to commend Southeast Restoration, Inc. for an outstanding job."

Watermark Condominium, Wallace N. Guthrie, Jr., President; "high quality workmanship, budget compliance, and delivery on a schedule that minimized disruption of our day-to-day operations."

Canaveral Towers, Cape Canaveral, Joseph Kopinski, Maintenance Engineer; "Southeast did a beautiful job on the rebar and concrete work, we are very pleased."

United Engineering Consultants, Inc, Professional Engineers; "It is truly gratifying for all of us to bring a complex rehabilitation project to closure within budget and on time."

Keystone Engineering, Inc., Jim Emory, P.E.; "I have found SRG to be an outstanding company for restoration work on high rise, oceanfront condominium projects. From the executive level to field management to their skilled labor workers, SRG always provides competent, professional service."

Existing Structures Engineering, Inc., Byron Evetts, P.E.; "this restoration project is something the Owner, Consultant and Contractor can be proud of."

Louis Peros, Professional Engineer; "Mr. Larry P. Kennedy and company have always performed professionally and diligently on some very difficult and tight schedules."

Robert C. Geib, Corrosion Engineer; "The experience and talents of your company yielded a well organized and scheduled project that in turn made the overall project seemingly effortless for all involved."

Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Brad Murphy, Operations Manager; "It is a rare treat for someone in my position to work with someone who displays the knowledge and professionalism that that your organization did while working on my project."

Coronado Del Mar, New Smyrna Beach, Martin R. Paris; "you not only fulfilled our contract, but you did the extras to simply make the project complete and attractive."

Seychelles, Daytona Beach Shores, Tom Farmer, President; "they maintained their timeline", "we were able to remain under budget", "we thank and applaud Southeast Restoration for their hard work, dedication and quality of work during this project."

Martinique Condominium, Ponce Inlet, Kevin E. Lindahl, Vice President; "thank you for the excellent restoration job that was done on our walkways", "thanks for a job of superior performance and quality."

Ocean Trillium South, New Smyrna Beach, T.R. Ruda, General Manager; "It was great to have a contractor do their job in a timely, professional, state of the art manner without any hassles."

Pirates Cove Oceanfront Resort, Daytona Beach Shores, Richard Merlino, President; " a 4.3 million dollar contract with Southeast Restoration", "company provides the communication and skills necessary to handle this major project", I not only would recommend them but I look forward to working with them again."

Point East Condo, New Smyrna Beach, Robin Zeitler, Property Manager; "You will find Southeast Restoration Group, Inc. to be honest, reliable and totally qualified in all respects."